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The "God Pack" Pokemon Mystery Pack

The "God Pack" Pokemon Mystery Pack

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Pokemon Card Mystery Pack - Unwrap the Magic !

Get ready for a Pokemon adventure like never before with our Pokemon Card Mystery Pack! Bursting with excitement, this mystery pack delivers carefully selected cards, promising a thrill for kids and collectors alike.

What's Inside:

15-30x Ultra rare cards - These can include Alternate Art rares, full arts, Character Rares, Secret Rares, V cards, GX cards, ex Cards, Trainer Gallery cards, Galarian Gallery cards, and more. These rare gems will take your collection to epic heights!

2+ Booster packs - Every order is guaranteed at least 2 booster packs from modern Pokemon sets.

Bonus Gifts in Every Order: As a special surprise, each Pokemon Card Mystery Pack includes bonus gifts! Unwrap the mystery to find extra delights that add an extra layer of joy to your Pokemon journey.

This mystery pack is designed for collectors seeking to expand their collection, fill in their binders with awesome cards, or complete their Pokedex. With careful curation, we guarantee you'll love opening our packs !

Note: All cards are 100% authentic originals. Our commitment to delivering a delightful experience means we guarantee that all of the cards you receive will be duplicate free in each pack. All cards are sleeved.

Ignite the thrill of discovery with our Pokemon Card Mystery Pack. Unbox the magic, catch 'em all, and share the joy of Pokemon with the perfect gift for Pokemon fans of all ages!

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