About Us

Welcome to Card Crow !

This company was started by me (Androw), out of my simple passion for collecting. I've collected things my entire life, including (but not limited to) Trading Cards, Video Games, Coins, VHS tapes, Figurines, Snow Globes, Hockey Pucks, Marbles, and even interesting soda cans.

After years of buying and selling in the TCG community, specifically Pokemon, I decided it was time to make this something official. I have always been passionate about proper protection & safe-keeping for our valuable collections, and in 2023 I launched myself into the world of TCG protection supplies. It all started with our Toploader Binders, and then we created our own Toploaders, Sleeves and Toploader Bags. We're quickly expanding and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us !

Thanks for visiting this page, and thanks for being part of the Card Crow community !